Drednot.io unblocked game is an amazing battle game that is lived in a battleship. In this game, you should develop the dreadnought ship and also the crew. You will sais the seas to find the other player in order to make battle. Not only this, you can also join forces actually with the other players, if you want to create a mighty vessel of course!

How to Play ?

First of all, you can shoose your ship kind to create. You may want a little one or a quick destroyer ship, who knows right? And you maybe build an amazing giant warship full of guns and armors, right? It is amazing definitely. A last remind: You should not forget to craft new weapons and materials and never leave your ammunition! You can play this game as online on your browser and with a standard computer.


WASD: move and climb
SPAC BAR: jump and exit the ladder
LEFT CLICK: interact
RIGHT CLICK: use item
Q KEY: drop an item
C KEY: fast zoom
TAB KEY: scoreboard


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